Hi guys! Sorry about my absence for the past few weeks. College has been crazy busy and I’m not going to have time to truly unwind for a month or two. Hope to be back eventually!

"Can you believe I caught a frog?!?"

"I can’t believe you touched it. Was it scared?"

"I know, right? No… why?”

"Frogs pee on you when they get scared."

"Um, no they don’t, Julian. I’ve been reading up on them to provide Kermit with the best possible habitat.”

"So we’re keeping it."

"Don’t call him it.”

"Sorry, Kermit. Wait… how do you know that it’s a male frog?"


^ me after I drink

"You kidding me, Julian? Your roommate looks like that and you’re telling me you haven’t even though about it?”


"You think she’d be interested in me?"

"Haha, I don’t know. Ruby’s into her career. I don’t think she’s dating right now."

"Well, you let me know when she’s on the market. She’s a catch."

"She’s… something.”

Bob: “I haven’t seen you two in a while! I didn’t know you were dating.”

Ruby: “Haha. No. Nononononono. We are not together.”

Julian: “Just getting drinks.”

"What can I get ya?"

"Two Tang and Wrenches, please!"

"Oh yeah, Julian’s number is 572-909-2818. DID EVERY GIRL IN THE VICINITY HEAR THAT? I WILL REPEAT MYSELF. 572-909-2818. CALL HIM ANYTIME, DAY OR NIGHT."

"Hey man, you know Ruby Lancing? She loves silver foxes. Go next door and introduce yourself!” >:)

mmm yogurt aroma