The Waldens adopted Pumpkin by beautifulplumbobs! They needed a cute feline familiar in the house. Also pictured is a lovely piece of art by simmaterial.

"My name is Finn Walden. I am 12 years old and I’m lookin for booty"

Finn: Do you think we’d have to turn in our homework if the school mysteriously burst into flames?
Hayden: What the hell, kid.

The next day…

Finn: What’s wrong, Sabrina? Milk tasting a little sour?

Sabrina: How’s that homework going, Hayden? Finn, I see you finished your brussels sprouts… took you long enough.

Orgin User Names!







With the Cas demo now available to everyone and the game coming out soon what’s everyone’s user name?

Tumblr Name               Orgin Name 


Awwnooboo - LittleWing666

camillessims - petitebougie

Shipofsims - shipofsims

Cuteplumbbies - Romyntje

Mimisapje = mimisapje

simaginable - simaginable

Anonymous asked: Default your sims two hair???

Here’s the resource I use for all of my default replacements!

Played TS2 really briefly this afternoon. I’ve managed to default replace all the fugly hair and I’ve redone all of the toddler clothing. I still have a long way to go, as is evident in Jenny’s mom jeans…

Nigel Easley for simaginable

traits- eccentric, ambitious, childish, equestrian, perceptive

ltw- paranormal profiteer

download [public]


Thank you so much!!!! <3