Here’s Fleur Grant and Paige King, requested by technicoloursims and lovetinkxo, respectively. Technicoloursims wanted an artsy nature lover with a big nose, big eyes, and lots of freckles. Lovetinkxo wanted a sort of siren-y intern/secretary. So, here you’re getting two very different redheads! 

Fleur is a private download unless I get permission to make her public, but Paige is public!

Fleur Grant

| Non-Default Skin | Default Eyes (Tiffany Glaze) | Hair | Eyebrow Defaults | Eyeshadow | Blush (Cheeky) | Lipstick (Rosy) | Dress |

Traits: | Loves the Outdoors | Friendly | Klepto | Artistic | Vegetarian |

LTW: Master of the Arts

Likes: Falafel, Songwriter, Lime

Paige King

| Ephemera ESkinWEAK (Link isn’t working) | Default Eyes (Tiffany Glaze) | Hair | Eyebrows | Eyeshadow (Romance) | Eyeliner | Blush (Cheeky) | Lipstick | Dress (LadyG Style_5) | Shoes |

Traits: | Flirty | Friendly | Hopeless Romantic | Social Butterfly | Over-Emotional |

LTW: Leader of the Free World

Likes: Steak, Electronica, Blue

NOTES, ETC.: Sliders were used, but as long as you don’t edit their features, you don’t need them. If you’re going to edit, you might want to message me for the list. On that note, you can change the sim whatever way you like. My only rule is that you don’t claim you made them!

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