The Waldens adopted Pumpkin by beautifulplumbobs! They needed a cute feline familiar in the house. Also pictured is a lovely piece of art by simmaterial.

"My name is Finn Walden. I am 12 years old and I’m lookin for booty"

Finn: Do you think we’d have to turn in our homework if the school mysteriously burst into flames?
Hayden: What the hell, kid.

The next day…

Finn: What’s wrong, Sabrina? Milk tasting a little sour?

Sabrina: How’s that homework going, Hayden? Finn, I see you finished your brussels sprouts… took you long enough.

Nigel Easley for simaginable

traits- eccentric, ambitious, childish, equestrian, perceptive

ltw- paranormal profiteer

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